EDPOP: The European Dimensions of Popular Print Culture



The European dimensions of popular print culture (EDPOP)

The aim of this project is to develop an international network and a virtual research environment (VRE) to facilitate and stimulate innovative research on European popular print culture. Although popular print culture has been studied intensively since the 1960’s, this was done mainly with a regional or national focus, based on the assumption that popular print in the vernacular had a limited geographical reach. Recent research has revealed however, that popular print culture had strong European characteristics and an often transnational infrastructure. The key question of the project is: how European was popular print culture in the period 1450-1900? Besides workshops, conferences this network will develop a taxonomy of popular genres, a thesaurus of the producers and distributors of popular print and lists of (digitized) bibliographical and archival sources. The results of this project will shed new light on processes of cultural exchange, on the similarities and differences of popular genres, on international collaboration in the book industry, on the organisation of transnational distribution networks and on the multifaceted practices around translation, appropriation,  adaptation and reception of stories, songs and images.

Project leader:

  • Dr. Jeroen Salman (Utrecht University)

Core members:

  • Dr. Helwi Blom (Nijmegen)
  • Dr. Laura Carnelos (Oxford)
  • Prof. Cristina Dondi (Oxford)
  • Prof. Juan Gomis (Valencia)
  • Prof. Matthew Grenby (Newcastle)
  • Dr. Katell Lavéant (Utrecht)
  • Prof. Marie-Dominique Leclerc (Reims/Troyes)
  • Drs. Marian Lefferts (London)
  • Dr. Sabrina Minuzzi (Oxford)
  • Dr. Jennifer Orr (Newcastle)
  • Prof. Joad Raymond (London)
  • Prof. Massimo Rospocher (Trent)
  • Dr. Jeroen Salman (Utrecht)
  • Prof. Hannu Salmi (Turku)
  • Dr. Habil. Rita Schlusemann (Utrecht/Berlin)
  • Dr.  Julianne Simpson (Manchester)

Extended network:

  • Dr. Siv Gøril Brandtzæg  (Trondheim)
  • Prof. Mario Infelise (Venice)
  • Dr. Angela McShane (London)
  • Prof. Daniel Bellingradt (Erlangen)
  • Dr. John Hinks (Leicester)
  • Dr. Alberto Milano; Dr Elda Fietta (Tesino)
  • Dr. James Ward (Berkeley)
  • Prof. Konrad Vanja (Ansbach)
  • Dr. Rosa Salzberg (Warwick)
  • Prof. Antonio Castillo Gomez (Alcalà)
  • Dr. Dominique  Lerch (Versailles Saint Quentin)
  • Dr. Malcolm Walsby (Rennes)
  • Prof. Pascale Mounier (Caen)
  • Prof. Lodovica Braida; Dr. Elisa Marazzi (Milan)
  • Dr. Alice Colombo (Galway)
  • Dr. Una McIlvenna (Kent)
  • Dr. Miriam Borham Puyal (Salamanca)
  • Andrea van Leerdam (PhD student Utrecht)
  • Dr. Sandy Wilkinson (Dublin)
  • Prof. dr. Ursula Rautenberg (Erlangen)
  • Cara Janssen (PhD student Leuven)
  • Dr. Giles Bergel (Oxford)
  • Dr. Francesca Tancini (Bologna)
  • Dr. Jenny Spinks (Sydney)
  • Dr. Alexandra Schäfer-Griebel (Mainz)
  • Dr. Shanti Graheli (Glasgow)
  • Dr. Jordi Sanchez (Alicante)
  • Dr. Flavia Bruni (Rome/Udine)
  • Julia Martins (PhD student, London)
  • Dr. Justyna Kiliańczyk-Zięba (Kraków)
  • Dr. Rosamund Oates (Manchester)
  • Eva Janssens (Phd student, Brussels)
  • Dr. Doris Gruber (Salzburg/ Vienna)
  • Dr. Christian Schmitt (Oldenburg)