EDPOP: The European Dimensions of Popular Print Culture


We have created a glossary that describes popular print genres of the early modern period (c. 1450-c. 1850) from a European perspective, covering terms in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish:


The glossary will also be incorporated within the EDPOP Virtual Research Environment as an annotation field.

Each genre entry offers a brief description of content, appearance, and development across Europe, terminology in multiple languages, related genres, and recent literature. The glossary is intended to help researchers find their way in the complex terminology and ever-growing scholarship of popular genres in print.

General terms:

UK: chapbooks/ cheap books/ popular print/ street literature 

ESP: pliegos de cordel/ pliegos sueltos 

NL: populair drukwerk/ populaire literatuur/ volksboeken 

DE: Kolportageliteratur/ Populärliteratur / Trivialliteratur / Massenliteratur 

IT: libri da risma/ libretto popolare/ libri comuni / libri di larga diffusione / libri a larga circolazione

FR: livres bleus/ littérature populaire/ littérature(s)/livre(s) de colportage/ imprimés de large circulation