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Conference The Long Life of Ephemeral Literature 5-7 May 2022, Geneva

FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE The Long Life of Ephemeral Literature 5–7 May 2022, Geneva First communication – Call for papers   The production of ephemeral literature in previous centuries deserves special attention, not only because of the sheer amount of these prints, but also because of the diversity of their contents, and the valuable contributions they…

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Wrongdoing in Spain and England in the Long Nineteenth Century

Before the days of the internet, television and widespread daily newspapers, how did people find out about acts of wrongdoing, or get access to entertaining stories about crimes and criminals? Ephemeral publications known as broadsides and chapbooks were the equivalent of the modern popular press, and the examples in this exhibition were intended both to…

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Website Giles Bergel

See these websites on Images, Ballads and the Wandering Jew, provided by Giles Bergel: http://www.printing-machine.org/projects.

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