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EDPOP: The European Dimensions of Popular Print Culture


18 Aug 2016 - 20 Jun 2016
Bruges, Belgium

The Emotions of News in Early Modern Europe

Session 224 at the Sixteenth Century Society Conference in Bruges (Saturday, 20 August 2016)

Title: The Emotions of News in Early Modern Europe

Sponsor: Australian Research Council Centre for the History of Emotions

Organizer: Una McIlvenna

Chair: Mark Hailwood


“Doing the Devil’s Will:” The threat of the Devil in sixteenth century German Neue Zeitungen from temptation to


Abaigeal Warfield, University of Adelaide


Chanteurs de rues, or street singers of news in early modern France

Una McIlvenna, University of Kent


‘Les Turcs ont pris leur vol’ Or how the news of the War of the Holy League (1683-1698) was disseminated to a

large audience in the Southern Low Countries by means of songs

Sven Molenaar, University of Antwerp


‘To bee even sicke againe with sorrow’: Modelling emotional response to foreign news in 1620s England

Kirsty Rolfe, Queen Mary University of London